Nifty Boat Instructions (video)

Sinker Lock Instructions (video)

Spa Taps Insturction (video)

Gulf Master Overhead Rod Instruction (video)

Emmrod Instructions

Simple instructions

Put your new rod together

1.  Insert the reel onto the rod handle
2.  Hold the rod handle so the reel is facing away from your body (or towards the ground)
3.  With your other hand position the coils so they face to the right of your body. The lugs on the rod end will now line up and when done this way the rod tip will not be put on upside down (this is possible)
4.  Within the nose of the rod handle there is a spring and unless the spring is engaged fully, the rod end will not be able to be turned into place. With the lugs already lined up, push the rod end into the handle firmly and turn the rod end to the right (or the coils towards the ground).

Taking your rod apart

1.  Engage the spring by pushing the rod end towards the rod handle and turn the rod end or coils to the right. You can store the rod end and handle separately or flip the rod end over and put the rod end overtop of the rod handle so the nose of the handle is inside the coils on the rod end. Note: This won’t be possible with the Two Tip Rod End.

Aligning your fishing line correctly

Casting Rods

The fishing line comes out of the reel and is then fed directly through the rod tip and not through the coil. The casting rod end is straighter from the bottom to the rod end than the spinning rod end.

Spining Rods

The fishing line comes out of the reel and is fed through the coil and then through the rod tip. The spinning rod end has a distinct bend or angle from the bottom of the rod end to the coil. This allows for the position of a spinning reel, compared to a casting reel.

Two Tip Rod Ends

When using a Two Tip Rod End, the fishing line comes out of the reel and is fed directly through both rod tips.